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About SJB CYO Baseball

Season: March - June





SJB Baseball News


Typically SJB’s CYO baseball season registration cycle occurs right about now. SJB has a strong history as a solid baseball program and has competed in numerous CYO City Championships.


Over the past few years, the number of parishes participating in CYO baseball has dropped off because parish teams have migrated to neighborhood organizations like Rockville Baseball Association (RBBA) and Bethesda Chevy Chase (BCC). For years, SJB players have played CYO baseball while also playing in the Burtonsville Baseball Association (BAA) under the Sun Devils team name and the maroon and gold SJB colors. BAA’s association with SJB goes back to the formation of the BAA program whose founders include former SJB parents.


This season CYO has determined based on parish feedback that there will not be enough teams to form a league so SJB will not offer CYO baseball this year. Our recommendation is that you sign your players up with BAA’s recreational baseball league which is very comparable and close by. When registering, add SJB as the carpool and team preference and BAA will make every attempt to place SJB players together which is a fun experience for the players and a logistical convenience for coaches and parents. One method to organize the formation of a team with SJB players is to talk with fellow SJB parents then compile a list of interested players. Then send that list to the BAA Baseball Director, Molly Surden You should talk to Molly about what you want to do and she will also answer any questions you have.


It’s very disappointing that we won’t be able to bring the boys of summer back to SJB this season though CYO, but we know the BAA experience is top notch. If you have any questions feel free to contact SJB Athletic Director Michael Diokno,

Burtonsville Athletic Association



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