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About Intramural Basketball (Grades K-2)

Commissioner: Kailyn Aspanthiya-Gedara (

Season: January - February


This co-ed program is really the gem of the intramural program.  Children are broken down into various teams dividing players evenly as to have an equal distribution of kindergarten and first graders on the teams.  The beginning of each 1 hour session is dedicated to basic basketball skill instruction.  The volunteer coaches will help to get the players acquainted with shooting, passing and dribbling.  The remainder of the time is spent in "game-style" play.  Two games are played simultaneously, using the 8' baskets.  All players will get equal playing time each week.  The season finals are celebrated with a presentation of participation awards to each and every child.

We do have a strict age requirement - Players must be between Kindergarten and  2nd Grade. Children not yet in Kindergarten are not eligible to play.

All players will receive a team jersey of their own. Players must wear athletic shoes. “Heelies” are strictly forbidden.

Interested in helping out through coaching, organizing, etc.

Official Rules for Intramural Basketball (K-2)

  • Players shall be no younger than five years old, as of December 31st of the current school year. Players must be in the second grade or below.

  • Players will be issued an SJB intramurals t-shirt.

  • Players must wear athletic footwear – no “Heelies”.

  • Only coaches are allowed on the floor with the players, or in the bench area.

  • All coaches must be in compliance with the Archdiocese of Washington’s Child Safety Protection policies. (A “coach” is defined as any adult having moderate contact with the children).

  • Games will be played on 8’ baskets, utilizing a running clock - eight-minute quarters.

  • A 27” ball will be used.

  • Scores will not be kept.

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