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About SJB CYO Soccer 2024

Commissioner: ​

Tee Tran

2024 Registration opens May 18, 2024.

Early bird discounted registration ends

May 24, 2024.

SJB Parish and school athletes in the 1st through 8th grades may play soccer in St. John the Baptist’s CYO Soccer program. Players from ADW parishes and schools who do not have a program for their age group are also welcome. Below is a breakdown of the various age groups and divisions of play, excerpted from the Archdiocese of Washington’s Supplemental Rulebook. Teams will practice 1-2 times per week beginning in August, games begin in September. The season concludes in late October-Early November.


Games are typically held on Friday or Saturdays and occasionally on Thursday nights starting the week after Labor Day until the end of October or early November. Teams usually practice two times per week, and practice days are dependent on the schedule of the coach. This league is competitive and includes playoffs. A team's regular season record determines its playoff level and seeding. Elite teams qualify for the City Championship tournament.

There are NO trophies, awards, or championships in this division. This structure gives the child an opportunity to learn the game in a low-key, no-pressure to win atmosphere. Games are typically held on Saturdays starting the week after Labor Day until the end of October. Teams usually practice 1 to 2 times per week, dependent on the schedule of the coach. We won't know the coach for the teams until registration closes and we see who has signed up to identify the parent who will lead the team.




















1. How are teams formed?

SJB Athletic Ministry Board defines two goals for SJB CYO soccer and basketball team formations based on the CYO guidelines.

A. Form teams so that every player who registers is able to play on a team. We never know who will register so we cannot determine what teams we will form until the registration period ends. If we are unable to form a team because of light numbers for a specific program, we look at moving registered players up before determining that a team cannot be formed. 

B. Maximize participation so that players get ample opportunities to play at practice and in games. So we try to make teams with smaller rosters to afford more playing time. Players registered to play and we want them on the field.

We will consider "playing up" requests, carpools, playing with classmates/friends after the first two goals are accomplished.

2. Why is the registration deadline so firm for SJB CYO programs?

Since we never know who will register it is important that registration is completed on time so that that lengthy planning and organizing efforts can take place.These efforts include: Team formation, coach solicitation and confirmation, acquisition of practice field permits, practice field scheduling, ordering uniforms in early summer because they take 4 weeks to process,  and providing our teams to CYO so they can organize the leagues which require several of the same steps. While we have some registration flexibility for our intramural programs, these planning factors for the CYO programs make it very hard to offer the same registration flexibility.

3. My child wants to play up but I can only register for his age level?

We consider "playing up" requests, carpools, playing with classmates/friends after the first two goals are accomplished. See Question 1. In the registration form, use the Notes field to message applicable registration information.

4. Who's coaching?

We won't know the coach for the teams until registration closes, we see who has signed up, and we organized the teams. You must be Virtus certified in order to coach or volunteer with SJB Athletics.

5. My player isn't sure if they want to play?

We understand players change they're mind, they are are young people! But for the program's  planning purposes, it's better to register now then back out if they change their mind. We will give a full refund if your player decides not to play once practices begin.

6. I signed up but haven't paid, is my player registered?

Registration is not completed until the player is registered and the registration fee has been paid. SJB Athletics does an annual cost comparison to keep our pricing on the lower end of the CYO parish athletic fees. Still, these programs are costly and SJB Athletics no longer sponsors a major fundraiser, so costs are no longer subsidized. We do offer financial aid arrangements for players who need assistance. SJB Athletics is a strong self-sustaining program and volunteers work hard to maintain this level of excellence and affordability.

7. When are practices and games?

Practices will start in August and are typically two days per week, usually between Mon-Thu. Specific practice days are not identified until registration closes, teams are formed, coaches are identified and practice schedules are coordinated based on the availabilities of all coaches and gyms. Practices are held at SJB Field, White Oak Middle School, Westover ES and Stonegate Park.

Games for 10U, 12U, 14U, teams the first weekend after Labor Day and the seasons will end in late Oct/early Nov. 7U and 8U games start the following weekend and also end at the end of Oct/early Nov.

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