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"For Christians, volunteer work is not merely an expression of good will. It is based on a personal experience of Christ. He was the first to serve humanity, he freely gave his life for the good of all." - Pope Benedict XVI


Volunteering is defined by Wikipedia as being generally considered an altruistic activity, and is intended to promote good or improve human quality of life, which in return produces a feeling of self-worth and respect. Volunteering is also famous for skill development, socialization and fun.


Volunteering is an essential element of the Athletic Ministry at St. John the Baptist. Without volunteers, SJB could not continue this ministry of faith, service and spiritual development. Through our volunteers, the student athletes experience a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment in which to enhance their physical and social skills. We need volunteers to help by being coaches, referees, snack bar workers, special event assistants, web page editors, publicists, sports commissioners, etc. The list of needed positions is as long as the many talents you possess. Let our athletes know you care by demonstrating your faith through volunteering.

Please feel free to contact the Athletic Ministry with any questions or with your information/interests. We are here to listen and help you find your niche! 


Please contact Eoin Fitzgerald at for more information.



Seeking Alumni College and HS Students to Coach!

Introducing the SJB Coaches Academy. This program is geared to keep recent SJB alum involved with the SJB Community by coaching SJB intramural sports. Area college and high school students are welcome to try out their coaching skills and mentor our budding SJB athletes. We will sign off for Service Hours. 

Currently we seek coaches to lead our ever popular flag football teams. 

Please contact Eoin Fitzgerald for more information.

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